Clare Legere

Type: Web

Links: Website

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Instapaper API, Watson AI APIs

Summary: Pulled ~10,000 articles I’ve read in Instapaper using their api to develop ‘reading profile’. Also leveraged other sources and technologies to uncover personal insights, including political lean, big 5 personality traits, keyword, sentiment, and concept analysis all using text of historically read articles.


Type: Web

Links: Website, GitHub

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Google Calendar API, oAuth

Summary: Pulled in Google calendar data to visualize basic stats and analysis of meetings with current plans to predict productivity of future meetings using user-inputted historical ratings and logistic regression model.


Type: Web

Links: Website, GitHub

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Watson AI APIs

Summary: Co-developed with 3-person team leveraging the IBM Watson AI APIs to mine and visualize personality traits from tweets, and also used this personal data to recommend other content, such as classic books

Partners: Victoria & Adam


Type: Web

Links: Website, GitHub

Technologies: Node.js, Heroku, Express, MongoDB

Summary: Began with data analysis and visualization of daily habits via data to uncover insights such as sleep & caffeine correlation, then enhanced app by adding other data (i.e. Apple Health, Google Search). Currently using Speculo platform as portfolio site to express aggregate personal data through visualization.


Type: Web Scrape

Links: GitHub

Technologies: Javascript, Cheerio, Express

Summary: Built webscraper to pull articles from the 'left', 'right' and 'center' of various political issues from (a site that presents multiple perspectives). Currently, in initial stages of comparing these articles to articles/sites I've already read to get an understanding of my "political lean" bias in what I read.

The Loop

Type: Android App

Links: Sample Code, Initial Build Video (download)

Technologies: Java, Custom APIs to server, Google Maps

Summary: Without any previous Java or Android knowledge, developed initial build of Android App, including log-in via API (for server auth), Google Maps integration with current location, websocket build (for various information like GPS), and team leaderboard (using websockets and APIs). Finally able to get professional assistance of Android developer to complete the app.

Partners: Jordan, Gil

A Drink With

Type: Web Scrape


Technologies: Ruby, Nokogiri

Summary: First webscraper I ever built, which helped me get an understanding of on of my favorite question that "A Drink With" asks in every one of their interviews: "If you could have a drink with anyone who would it be?".